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Jack Creek Farms near Paso Robles

Jack Creek Farms is a small 5th generation family farm. Our farm is nestled in the coastal foothills of Central California 6 miles west of Templeton and Paso Robles. Our farm stand is located directly off of scenic Highway 46 West, in the heart of San Luis Obispo County wine country. We have RV and tour bus parking with easy highway access.

Folks who visit our farm are invited to take a few moments to reconnect with simpler times past.  Stroll through our herb garden and antique farm equipment display.  Depending upon the season, pick a sunflower, olallieberries or a basket of sun kissed vine ripe tomatoes.  Discover long forgotten heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables enjoyed many generations ago.  Try your hand at throwing a lasso and rope  "Bailey" our mascot roping steer.  Pump our old-fashioned water pump barrels or sit down in the shade and enjoy watching the numerous native birds that live on our farm.  In the fall kids love our u-pick pumpkin patch.  Sample apple cider slushees and pomegranate juice granitas.  Browse our country store or visit with the farm animals.  On weekends enjoy one of our freshly baked treats. We use our own free-range ranch eggs, honey, freshly ground whole wheat flour, apples, peaches, olallieberries, walnuts, pumpkins, etcetera, that are grown on our farm. The selection of baked goods changes with the seasons. If you like fudge, we make what we believe will be the best you have ever tasted.

Pure Natural Raw Honey

The local beehives have been "a buzz" with activity, and we offer many different varieties of honey for sampling.  Local varieties of raw, natural unfiltered honey include (depending upon the harvest and season) toyon, yellow star thistle, wildflower, wild buckwheat, apple blossom, pomegranate, orange blossom, coastal sage, black button sage, safflower, raspberry, cotton, avocado, comb honey and more!

It is amazing how honey can taste so different depending upon what the bees are pollinating. No infusions, flavors, syrups, or additives. Just 100% pure honey the way the bees made it in the hive. Tasting is free, and we are happy to share ideas and recipes for pairing and enjoying honey.

We use naturally grown farming methods and believe firmly in being good stewards of the land.  We provide you with an opportunity to put a face on your farmer, and to learn where your food comes from.

We plant, tend, and harvest by hand which results in a high quality product. Summer produce is picked fresh daily and at its peak of ripeness.  We are pleased to offer you fresh and wholesome foods, old-fashioned hospitality, and a true taste of country each time you stop by.

Check out the links to the left to learn about the many activities and products we have available from our farm's roadside stand.  We host group tours which can include lunch or cider and cookies.  Our tour focus changes with the seasons - Herbs & Veggies in the summer and Gourds & Pumpkins in the fall. 

With your support we hope to continue to supply our visitors and community with fresh and wholesome fruits, vegetables, wheat berries, wheat flour, juice and baked goods.

By supporting small family farms, you have helped to not only preserve our rural character and cherished open space, you have also helped to preserve our family traditions and heritage. Best of all . . . take home a memory!

Thank you and see you soon!!!                   

   Tim Joy Becky and Mandy



Current Harvest
Our next harvest will be:


Wheat Flour
Dried Lavender Bundles
Yellow Nectarines
White Peaches
Yellow Peaches
Dried Gourds


Yellow Peaches
White Peaches
Yellow Nectarines
White Nectarines

Dried Lavender Bundles
Dried Gourds
Wheat Flour


  Coming Soon

Sweet Onions
Heirloom Tomatoes

Click here to see our
Harvest Calendar.



Farm Kitties
Who says that four kittens can't fit in and/or snooze in a flower pot?!?

New Farm Yard Additions:

We have several new additions to our menagerie. Little Foot, our adopted rescue cat had kittens.

We have three new ducks. One is affectionately named "Aflac" (he never stops talking), and the other two are Banana Split and Fluffy. We also have three new kid goats named Butterscotch, Caramel and Vanilla Bean.

We have a guinea fowl we named guinea he :-), and a new goose named Chloe.

You can visit with them on weekends on the farm.

New Fudge Varieties:
Mandy has been busy in the kitchen, and we have 4 new flavors of fudge.

Cookie Dough
Yes, with real cookie dough inside!

Creamy Vanilla with real Olallieberries

Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Caramel

Dark Chocolate never tasted so good!


Chocolate layered over Coffee - Swoon!

Our family has been growing quality hay and grain for 5 generations.

This fall we will once again have available for purchase our own Estate Grown Hard White Wheat Berries - both as whole grain and freshly ground Whole Wheat Flour. If you haven't tasted white wheat before, you are in for a treat!

Wheat Berries



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Jack Creek Farms is located in the West Templeton - Paso Robles area in San Luis Obispo County - on the California Central Coast